“Why Health Care Matters”
presented January 30, 2016

Guest speakers at the IATSE's January 30, 2016 health care event presented a video called “FIX IT: HEALTH CARE AT THE TIPPING POINT,” detailing the way rapidly rising health care costs are hurting working women and men across the country.  The video offers a powerful solution in the form of Single Payer "Medicare for All".  The videos below capture the guest presentations that followed the “FIX IT!” video.  For those who wish to learn more, please visit www.laborforhealthcare.org

Special thanks to Betty Madden, from Local 892, for putting this event together.  And also a big thanks to the Local 695 production crew consisting of Agamemnon Andrianos, Jay Patterson, Courtney Goodin, Doc Justice, Michelle Guasto, Brandon Loulias and Sheraton Toyota, who pulled the shoot together with just a couple days notice.  And thanks to Thom Davis and Local 80, who run the best little sound stage in Burbank.

“FIX IT: Health Care at the Tipping Point”
More info:   PDF #1   PDF #2   www.fixithealthcare.com


Guest Speakers
George Palazzo - Motion Picture Industry Pension and Health Plan
Elizabeth White - Labor United for Universal Health Care
Pilar Schaivo - Campaign for a Healthy California
Dr. Hilary Siebens - Physicians for a National Health Program, CA


Q & A



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