The Paramount Studios “Vault” opens up over 100 free Movies and TV shows

A Plethora of Legal Streaming Video Downloads

The internet is filled with choices.  One choice is where you decide to download your favorite films and television programs.  When making that decision, it’s important to know that the theft of Digital Media and Intellectual Property, or “video piracy”, hurts each and every IATSE member by way of it’s negative impact on our wages and benefits, killing jobs and sapping money from the health plans that protect our families.  You can help reduce Digital Media theft by letting people know that they can choose to get their videos from a huge selection of entirely legal websites.  Please see to find a legal source for almost anything you search for.

  • Protect Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Protect the wages and health benefits of 10’s of thousands of men and women and their families.
  • Say ‘NO’ to Digital Theft.

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