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Subject: I.A.T.S.E. Local 348 Update
Date: Sun, 07 Feb 1999 16:56:35 GMT
From: Sprocket Jockey <[email protected]>

The B.C. Projectionists are now entering the 3rd month of being locked out by Famous Players and Cineplex Odeon for refusing 60% wage cuts. A rally was held again last night at Silver City Richmond with about 100 supporters. On Feb. 27 1999 there will be a province wide rally supported by the BC Federation of Labour and we are expecting a huge turn out. The Local is only 60 members strong, so the efforts of the labour movement on our behalf are very much appreciated. Our sister locals I.A.T.S.E. 118 AND I.A.T.S.E. 891 HAVE BEEN EXTREMELY SUPPORTIVE.  Brothers and Sisters, I have to tell you, that when you stand for hours holding a picket sign watching people cross, it gets a little disheartening. In fact, it sucks big time. Then the Teamsters 18 wheeler pulls into the parking lot and you watch it pull up right in front of the theatre and park. Then you see a couple of people walking towards you holding picket signs, and you start to smile. Soon the Teamsters have a tent set up with coffee, hot chocolate, and popcorn. You look around and see a hundred people standing with you, supporting you. Brothers and Sisters giving up a Saturday night to stand in the freezing rain and bitter cold to support you. A huge cheer erupts from the other end of the line and before you even turn to look you know that someone has come up to the line, learned the issues from one of the supporters, and left to find alternative entertainment. As you look out into the parking lot you see a man with a child and you can tell he is explaining to the child what all the commotion is all about. You see the child nod, and then hand in hand they disappear into the night. You look around to see if anyone else caught the moment and you see a Sister watching them walk off and she smiles knowingly, and a little "Yes" escapes from your lips. You look at the supporters around you and read some of their signs "Machinists Union", "Teachers Federation", "Bartenders", "Steelworkers", "Nurses", "Woodworkers", "Boilermakers", "Fire-fighters" and many more. You watch as supporters talk to patrons as they approach the theatre, trying to get the point across. You watch as a young couple stand in front of the line and talk quietly to each other, and then they slowly approach the Longshoreman beside you and ask what this is all about. He quietly explains the issues at hand and asks them to judge for themselves, and perhaps consider the alternatives. You watch as they discuss it between them, and as they turn back and wave as they leave, a huge cheer and applause comes from our side of the line.  The companies have still refused to sit down at the table and negotiate so the picketing and the rallies continue. As I mentioned earlier the next "RALLY AGAINST GREED" will be a province wide rally on Feb. 27 1999. All members of I.A.T.S.E. and all Union Brothers and Sisters every where are invited to attend this rally. If you happen to be in BC or want to come for the rally please, please Email the union and let us know.
John Langdon
B.C. Projectionists

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