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The Labor Center 
Founded in 1978, the Labor Center educates workers and union members in: 

    * Union Leadership 
    * Worker Job Rights and Protections 
    * Changes in Labor Relations 
    * Opportunities for Growth and Advancement 

Experts teach applied Labor Studies courses to help you, the union leader, develop and sharpen leadership skills to help build your union and more effectively represent your members. 

    * Evening Classes at Union Halls for Easy Access and Free Parking 
    * Enroll by Mail or In Class Advisement by Phone: (213) 744-9470 
    * Most Courses Transferable to CSU 

Certificate Of Completion In Labor Studies 

    * Complete 24 units in Labor Studies 
    * 15 of which must be 3 unit courses 

Associate In Arts Degree 

    * Complete 36 units of Labor Studies 
    * 18 of which must be 3 unit courses 
    * 18 units of General Education (Plan B) 
    * Total 60 college credits Classes from other accredited colleges may apply. 

What Can You Do With A Degree In Labor Studies

    Labor Studies graduates are prepared for leader- ship at the workplace and in their unions. They hold positions with unions as negotiators, representatives, organizers, and in union research and education departments. Many state, federal, and local govern- ment agencies employ labor relations specialists. 

Specially Designed Classes 

    The Labor Center trains officers, staff, stewards and members in Labor Studies classes at your own union hall. 

    * Earn college credit
    * Organized to fit your union’s needs
    * Tailored to your members’ experience
    * On site registration
    * Only $46 per unit 

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