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Summer 2017

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volume 9
issue 3
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From the Editors

Welcome to the summer edition of Production Sound & Video. Summer and blistering heat reminds me of a time when movie theaters would advertise that they were airconditioned to attract audiences.

Today, we have a myriad of content providers creating feature films to half-hour cable shows. HBO and Showtime networks have new competition from Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, Lifetime, FX, USA and many more. Now, all you need is anyplace with air-conditioning and you can watch shows twenty-four/ seven.

Sam Hamer, with the help of Jennifer Winslow, describes the unique series from Amazon Studios, I Love Dick.

Daron James explores the work of Mark Weingarten on Dunkirk, directed by Christopher Nolan.

“The Era of Automation” and “Sound Apps” add to the already interesting content in this edition.

Stay cool and happy reading.

Fraternally yours,
Richard Lightstone and Mark Ulano